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What challenges does the application solve? 

36% of Norwegians in their working age have a loss of hearing on at least one ear. This contributes to a physical and mental strain, where the value of loss of quality of life alone is at 36 billion NOK. We wish to contribute with a solution.  
External microphones that are available today for the hearing aid users through the "aid centre" usually contains: 1 microphone, 1 charger, 1 USB cable, 1 TV/Audio cable, 1 magnetic chip and 1 thread. Our product relieves the need for all the accessories mentioned. The only thing needed is a smartphone, something 70% of the worlds population has in their pocket.

As our product does not require industrial production of the service, we are also secured from pitfalls related to manufacturing, such as outsourcing, child labor and quality assurance of personnel policies with the subcontractors. Our solution is to be downloaded to something the end-user already has, by that we hope to reduce the need for plastic and metals that are used to create external hardware with the accessories. 



All upgrades will happen digitally. The environmental impact will therefor be related to the energy consumption of the servers, but this too can be minimized through the application not need a WiFi connection to function. 

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