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Hjem Din tilkoblingskode er 1103 Mine ti

"I think I could get addicted to this app"

Male, 70

(H)EAR helps you hear, when all you need is an extra ear.

Did you know that 1 in 5 Norwegians are affected by hearing loss on at least on ear?


Current hearing aids do a fantastic job, but they are often not enough in situations with a lot of background noise or in places with poor acoustics.

There is great variety of assistive technology available on the market, usually external microphones or speech enhancers.

Our solution is simple; we wish to utilize the microphones that already exist in phones. The phones can perform as external microphones in settings where the hearing aid alone is not enough.

We want to make this technology available to everyone.

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(H)EAR | Hance

Noise reduction in (H)EAR is developed and provided by Hance.

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