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The team consists of the founder, Mariel Ellingsen, co-founder Ivanna Ustymenko and Jamila Vo. Mariel completed a masters degree in computer science at UiT The Arctic University in Tromsø, Norway. Ivanna has a degree in marketing from UiT and is completing her bachelors degree in software development at OsloMet University. Jamila has a bachelors degree in marketing and brand management from Kristiania University College and took later a year of learning content creation. She has previously worked with marketing and sales of digital services in tech-industry.

The values of the company reflect the values the founders of Woid have as persons. Inclusion and communication are in the center of it all. We think that it is just as important to hear, as it is to be heard. We wish to remove the stigma surrounding use of assistive technology and focus on the importance of taking care of ones hearing.

The long term goal is to develop more solutions to make the day to day lives easier for different groups of people.


WOID is supported by a team of amazing advisors who all hold a unique set of knowledge and experience. Together, they contribute to making WOID an interdisciplinary company. 


Merete Bertheau

UI/UX advisor

Merete has a master's degree in interaction design from NTNU. She works as an independent design consultant where she has been involved in helping several start-ups that have originated from the Entrepenørskolen in Trondheim and StartUp Lab in Oslo. She also has several years of experience as a design consultant in the large IT company Knowit.

Edvard Pedersen

Academic advisor

Edvard is an associate professor at UiT – The Arctic university of Norway, with a background in data management, first in bioinformatics in his doctorate, later as a systems engineer on satellite reception systems at Kongsberg Defence and Aerospace.


Dr. Anthony Giannoumis

Commercial advisor

Giannoumis is an associate professor at Kristiania University College. He is recognized as one of the world's foremost researchers in the field of universal design and design of information and communication technology.

Ida Foldvik

Audiologist, industry advisor

Ida Foldvik, with an M.Sc in medicine and audiology, currently works as an audiologist and coordinator at Sørlandet Hospital. Her experience and medical background offer valuable insights into Norway's public health sector and the hearing industry.

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